My name is Jay. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sport + Exercise Nutrition Coach. I help men lose fat quickly, reclaim their energy and strength, and take control of their health!

If you are reading this, that means you realize just how possible it is for you to feel good in your body.  It also means you are ready to take ACTION.

Lean & Confident

Get real results within your first 90 days!

And, if you’re willing to invest in yourself and GET HELP – you’re in the right place.

Lose hundreds of pounds of fat.

Build lean muscle.

Feel confident in their skin.

Improve their posture.

Reduce their resting heart rate.

Add hundreds of pounds to their lifts.

You will receive customized caloric and macro-nutrient recommendations & a meal plan to help you start using those recommendations right away! Having a diet that works (and works for YOU) will ensure you get results quickly.


You will be led through a personalized, 12 week workout plan designed around your unique body, goals, and lifestyle. Expect to become stronger, feel energetic, and boost your confidence! 


You will have direct access to me via 12 weekly coaching calls for guidance, accountability, and to build the mindset that it takes to manage your health & fitness journey long term.

My clients lose up to 12% body fat in the first 90 days!


Chris H.Fitness Warrior

I'm starting to see muscles I didn't even know I had!

Mary D. Fitness Warrior

I got my confidence back!

Trever S. Fitness Warrior

I've never had RESULTS like this. Especially, this fast!

Christine F. Fitness Warrior

I feel CONFIDENT in my skin.

Sid K. Fitness Warrior

If you’re tired of:

Being tired
Feeling unhappy with the way that you look
Almost getting there
Being held back by your excuses

Here’s your opportunity to get serious about the SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY you need to finally be CONSISTENT and see REAL RESULTS.

Book a 45 minute fitness consultation and fill out the intake form that follows.